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Welcome to the SIBYL

We are a registered Private Limited Company representing a collaboration of decicated Professionals and Experts belonging to various prestigeous fields of work that includes, but is not limited by any means to, Chartered Accountancy, Software Engineering, Cyber Security, Law, Taxation, Banking, Medicine, Engineering and Environment etc.

stability in the uncertain world

We provide you with the accute predictions of the future developments and help you design and implement bespoke structures and strategies so that you can have the competitive advantage over the others in the corporate run.

who we are

SIBYL is the only CorTech Consulting Company of its kind. We focus on boosting the corporate values of our clients by giving them the glimpse of upcoming advancements and we help them to upgrade today. We keep track of their budgetary constraints and we bind ourselves into those limits while devising the best solution for them.

Our team comprises of dedicated professionals who always strive to maxmize the core values and profits of our prestigeous clients. We aim to become the leading CorTech Consultants across the globe. We are different, as:

  • Our prime focus is CorTech!
  • We understand both, finance and technology.
  • We give equal dedication to each client irrespective of revenue involved.
  • We devise solutions for all the corporate problems under one roof.
  • We draw solutions within the budgetary limits of the client.
  • We see each client as an entirely different entity.
  • We help them grow beyon the limits the think they have.

Our Featured Services

the following services are being demanded much more these days by major corporate clients

BPR/BPO Services

In the Business Process ReEngineering (BPR) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), we analyse your system and design a revamped process flow that maximizes your potential.

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ERP Solutions

Our ERP Solutions are designed to cope the distinct needs of our clients in the way best suited to their environment. We always keep the figures to the minimum and also extend lease facility.

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Cyber Security

We ensure the security and integrity of your data over the cyber space and we give the best solutions to keep it secure 24x7x365. We provide cutting edge solutions that are competitive with the changing environment.

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Utilizing the years of experience, we’ll ensure you get the best consultancy.